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87. Xixi Edelsbrunner


March 1-31, 2024

Online at

In-person opening reception: 

Sunday March 10, 2024, 3-6 pm 

at Mirena Kim Studio: 5613 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90019

In an effort towards access, this will be a masked and fragrance-free event. Please: Refrain as much as possible from wearing scented products, such as perfumes/colognes, essential oils, and items with the ingredients “parfum” or “fragrance.” If you would like to know more, please refer to Accessible Spaces: a Fragrance-Free Toolkit. Mask in the gallery if you are able to. Masks will be provided. 

The monoprints of Xixi Edelsbrunner are made with and from casts of many things, taken from the environment and re-located into another environment. The objects, or at least their sources, are sometimes recognizable and stimulate our assumptions and artistic categories: are they autobiographical, surrealist, political, decorative, representations, reproductions? This drifting of intelligibility is a large part of their interest: they speak to our habit of “diagnosing” a thing into its categorical classification before proceeding to truly perceive it. 

The sculptures in the Proxy Gallery are cast from empty packaging forms that hold another object together in a box for the purpose of safely shipping and keeping the weight down. The works are from empty negative forms that Edelsbrunner fills with colored polyurethane resin and now makes them positive. They broadcast their original liquidity that hardens into solidity. The positive casts they call “monoprints.” There is only one of each, in this case in pastel pink, lavender and aqua. 
Being cast from “negatives,” all of them exhibit the indexicality of photographs. In some we can see the imprint of pens or batteries while others are more mysterious and make us wonder what is missing from that solid form that has no space to contain anything anymore. It is a solid object now inside another container, the Proxy Gallery.
Another way to think of casts is to think of casting of actors in films, i.e deciding to insert a person into a role or inserting a role into a person. Edelsbrunner does this: they cast their objects into certain roles, but at the same time they cast them adrift, to inhabit different locations and classifications in the mind. 

Access text by the artist:
There is street parking in front of the building on Sundays, and the reception is on a Sunday. Additionally there is plenty of street parking on nearby streets, some of which is district permit restricted.

Please let me (Xixi) know if you need a van-accessible spot or general disabled person parking spot and I will try to find one ahead of time!

Space, Wheelchair-Access
The entrance is wheelchair-accessible. The indoor space is easy to traverse with my walker (2 ft. wide), but I don’t think it’s entirely ADA-compliant. Particularly, I estimate that the back of the space is too tight for a wheelchair or scooter to turn around in.

The space is roughly 60 feet from the front to the back, which the entrance in the front and the bathroom plus an outdoor space at the back. The exhibition will be closer to the front.

There is a step up to the outdoor space, which is too tall to wheel onto.

There is one non-gendered, single-use bathroom, which is not ADA-compliant but just big enough for my walker. There are no grab-bars nor raised toilet seat. I estimate that the bathroom and space in front of it probably both do not have enough turning room for most wheelchairs and scooters.

Braille, Audio
There is no Braille in the space. There is no audio component nor audio description of the work.

Language Interpretation
I have not arranged for ASL interpretation nor any other language interpretation. There is no audio component of the work.

Shared Air, Scents
Visitors have been asked to wear face masks and to refrain from wearing scented products. Masks will be provided.

Mirena has used ceramics and oil paints in her studio among other materials but isn’t using them actively.

There is an outdoor area at the back of the space, which is not wheelchair-accessible.

There are no fluorescent lights in the space. There are 3 skylights, so we may not use lights at all.

There are several seats, including a sofa chair, a rolling chair, and stools.

Contact for access questions & requests
Xixi Edelsbrunner
phone: (919) 259 1644
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