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Mark Farina: Supersede

October 1-November 3, 2020


Artist Mark Farina has seeded 2 figurative sculptures (figurines of Joe Biden and Donald Trump) with chia seeds. He plans to  watch their daily growth in a controlled stage or "proxy box" up until a winner is declared on or after November 3, 2020. The terra cotta Chia Pets are molded terra cotta pots; in this case, in the likeness of the candidates. When water is added, the Chia Pets sprout green “hair” at the top.


Science and superstition are supposed to be opposites, but in a goofy satire of both scientific experiments and divinations, Farina is practicing an election agnosticism of sorts, seeking advance knowledge of the unknown by supernatural means. By paying attention to the phases of the moon and the agricultural growth of seeds, he is seeking to apply the scientific method by doing a side-by-side comparison of two subjects to inevitably see different results. 


According to Farina, seeding could be viewed as voting, growth spurts as tallying votes, hence the title, Supersede.

(Please watch this space for time lapse video of the seed growth.)



Contact: Annetta Kapon,

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