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Antonis Ricos

New Year’s Day sunset,
2014. Venice, CA

MAY 1- JUNE 30, 2016 
Opening Reception: Wed. May 4, 6-8 pm

Whether you start looking from the back and move forward, or the front and then look behind, you will see in Ricos’ installation a photograph of a sunset (with people) “framed” and “framing” in four different ways: The Gallery hides the center of the photograph and its putative subject, the sun--thus the Gallery itself is framed by the large photo on the wall, printed on canvas.  Inside the Gallery and on the back “wall” we have a smaller version of the photograph framed in a museum frame, with its own spectator in front. The small sunset is re-framed by the museum, and the spectator, and that picture itself is framed by the Proxy Gallery as an institution.

This raises the question of the mediating effect of a gallery or museum on our perception of a photograph. Do institutions, occlude, elevate or interpret on our behalf? The installation uses an intentionally banal subject matter to ask questions about the ontology of photography, the modulation of meaning, and ultimately the larger apparatus of image production and circulation.

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