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Susana Rodriguez
Lines of Escape
MARCH 1-31, 2014

PROXY Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition Lines of Escape by Mexico City based artist SUSANA RODRIGUEZ.

According to Rodriguez this as a project in which viewers-volunteers participate in an ephemeral action by covering the gallery with graphite pencil lines. At the end of their participation they will put their names, the date and the time they took, just like the clocking  in and out by office or factory workers.


Rodriguez has long practiced tracing “lines of escape” on architectural plans of public spaces. The lines are literal and metaphorical conveying the notion of making something superfluous with one’s time, yet producing some kind of value. They imply both the escape routes planned in criminal operations, and also the sense of entrapment and disorientation felt in contemporary planned public spaces. The whole enterprise could also be said to express the ambivalence of the artist vis-a-vis the place of her labor and herself in the world.

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