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Nicola Goode
FEBRUARY 1 - 28, 2015
Closing Reception:  Wed. Feb. 25, 6-8 pm

PROXY GALLERY is delighted to host the installation Sky Box by artist Nicola Goode.


The “fourth wall” of Proxy gallery is covered by a piece of acetate printed with a photo of a vintage painted cinematic backdrop, representing the sky. The acetate does not reach the top of the gallery, thus emphasizing its illusionistic purpose and also betraying it by revealing its limits. Through the translucent acetate and through the gap at the top, the viewer can see herself in the mirror that is affixed to the back “wall” of the gallery. In this way both illusionism and materiality are completely rendered visible.


Goode reinterprets the earliest traditions of landscape photography while capturing the material presence of the passing analogue age. She shows a digital photograph of a hand painted backdrop meant to represent the real sky in a small box that functions almost like a camera, except that the representation of the landscape is inscribed in the lens itself. 

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