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Sabrina Soyer
Neighbor in the Night Labor
November 15 - 30, 2013

PROXY Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition Neighbor in the Night Labor by artist Sabrina Soyer.

Neighbor in the Night Labor is an audio exhibition of the artists voice free-associating on space, time and architecture.


The exhibition is a sound installation (ipod mini and earphones) which Soyer describes thus:

Put some words on words. Sometimes you want to speak about something and finally you understand that you speak about something else. It’s not a matter of the words you use & choose in the dictionary, it’s a matter of flux and traffic, it’s like the bees, the bees want to be sure that the communication, that the transmission will pass between each other. The bees dance to communicate each other, and emit as many signs as they can with their body to be sure to be understood, I mean, to be sure that the other bees will see that one of them is trying to say something. It’s like women in Eric Rohmer movies, most of them are constantly talking because- I will say, more than men ; it’s not that they’re talkative, it’s just that for them words are like ornaments, their meaning are somewhere out of our center of attention.

Talk to a body or to every body is the question.

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