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Jody Zellen


OCTOBER 1 to 31, 2016 
Opening Reception: Thurs. Oct. 6, 6-8 pm

Doodle box is an amalgamation of Zellen’s different aspects of her practice — drawing, photography and viewer interactivity. Proxy Gallery itself is transformed into both the content and the container of Zellen’s installation, a home-made ad-hoc stereo viewer. The image inside the box is seen in 3D when viewed through the red/blue stereo glasses attached to the box. The doodles on the outside of the box also vibrate when viewed through the glasses. The inside-outside dichotomy is explored as a metaphor for what goes on inside and outside the mind. 


Zellen is known for her interactive and entertaining smartphone apps as well as her linear drawings that are strongly cartoony. They depict stylized figures in urban surroundings and create dense patterns over an entire surface. Here, the drawings cover the outside of the box in addition to filling the head of the girl in a photograph of a freestanding metal sculpture shot in Vancouver. The photograph of the sculpture-that-looks-like-a-drawing, when combined with the drawings, fuses inside and outside in countless ways.

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